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Four November 2021 Social Media Holidays You Can Use to Knock the Stuffing Out of Your Content Marketing

November 2021 is stuffed with social media holidays that content marketers can use to connect with online audiences.

Yes, there’s Thanksgiving and its progeny: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. But November is about more than Turkey Day.

Below are four November 2021 social media holidays, and two month-long themes, for helping fill your content marketing calendar.

Four November 2021 Social Media Holidays for stuffing your content marketing calendar
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1) Veterans Day – Nov. 11

This November 2021 social media holiday honors the service of all U.S. veterans, past and present.

Honoring Vets is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s commitment to military members, both active-duty and retired, and their families.

Most Veterans Day content marketing focuses on vets in the United States.

But your content could stand out by showing some love to veterans of other countries. (After all, the U.S. fought significant wars, including World Wars I and II, with allies.)

For example, Nov. 11 in Canada is Remembrance Day, marking the 1918 armistice that ended World War I. And the United Kingdom recognizes a similar holiday, Remembrance Sunday, on the second Sunday each November. This year, Nov. 14 is Remembrance Sunday.

Hashtag: #VeteransDay

2) World Kindness Day – Nov. 13

World Kindness Day aims to promote peace, empathy, and positivity.

Brands can use this November 2021 social media holiday to demonstrate their kindness by hosting giveaways, offering coupons or discounts, promoting educational material, encouraging acts of kindness in their community, and telling uplifting stories that show humanity’s good side.

Every day, we see plenty of negativity. World Kindness Day is an opportunity to tell positive stories and celebrate kindness.

Hashtag: #WorldKindnessDay

3) Thanksgiving – Nov. 24

Thanksgiving in November 2021 allows brands to thank their customers for their loyalty and business.

It could also be a chance to show gratitude for people gathering again for in-person Thanksgiving meals. Last year, COVID-19 prevented many families and friends from spending the holiday together.

Show that you appreciate your audience this Thanksgiving 2021 by holding giveaways or publicly recognizing some of your customers or followers. In addition, you can encourage others to share how they’re celebrating the holiday with others after a year of isolation.

But be mindful that not all can gather, so you may want to avoid being too celebratory in your Thanksgiving 2021 content marketing.

COVID-19 is still ravaging communities, and some nations lack adequate vaccine supplies. Plus, nearly 5 million have died worldwide from the disease, about 724,000 in the U.S.

Hashtags: #Thanksgiving, #HappyThanksgiving, #TurkeyDay

4) National Mason Jar Day – Nov. 30

Mason jars are essential in preserving foods, but many people use these valuable devices in numerous ways.

You can use Mason jars as flower vases, toothbrush holders or turn them into works of art. For example, some people turn Mason jars into bird feeders, snow globes, and table lights.

National Mason Jar Day celebrates this 163-year-old home goods wonder and its many uses.

Your content marketing can leverage this November 2021 social media holiday by sharing creative tips and uses for Mason jars. You can ask your audience to show how they use Mason jars.

Or use National Mason Jar Day to celebrate utility. Highlight how useful your customers find your product or service, and talk up your offering’s flexibility.

Hashtag: #NationalMasonJarDay

National American Indian Heritage Month

This November 2021 social media holiday focuses on the heritage, contributions, and culture of Native Americans in the United States.

Use your content marketing to celebrate indigenous Americans.

You can highlight your company’s Native American employees or customers. Let these individuals share their stories in their words.

Publish your statement of land acknowledgment, such as this one from Moz. Or, if your statement’s already public, share it again, highlighting why you think it’s important to recognize those who came before us.

Other ways you can support National American Indian Heritage Month is by showcasing celebrations occurring within your community or discussing how you’re supporting organizations that help indigenous Americans.

However you choose to participate in National American Indian Heritage Month 2021, be earnest, thoughtful, and respectful. This monthly theme is about recognizing the heritage and culture of Native Americans, not about selling products or services.

Hashtags: #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth, #AmericanIndianHeritageMonth


During November each year, Movember asks men to grow mustaches during the month to support men’s health issues.

This November event encourages awareness of prostate cancer and other health concerns affecting males.

Content marketers can use this November 2021 social media holiday to help raise awareness for these conditions with blogs and videos about prevention tips. Additionally, it can promote healthy living by encouraging exercise, proper nutrition, medical checkups, and quitting smoking.

Showcase employees’ and customers’ mustaches or encourage them to share their stories about men’s health issues that have impacted them.

Hashtags: #Movember, #menshealth

November 2021 Social Media Holidays

As you can see, there’s more to November than meets the turkey.

Yes, Thanksgiving and related holidays provide content marketers with many opportunities to connect and engage with online audiences. But you can leverage other social media holidays as well.

Here are four November 2021 social media holidays and two monthly themes that can knock the stuffing out of your content marketing this year:

  • Veterans Day – Nov. 11
  • World Kindness Day – Nov. 13
  • Thanksgiving – Nov. 24
  • National Mason Jar Day – Nov. 30
  • National American Indian Heritage Month – Throughout November
  • Movember for men’s health – Throughout November

Get creative and use these holidays to fill your content marketing calendar with fun and earnest blog posts, social media posts, and more.

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