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Yes, Business Blogging Still Matters. Here Are Three Top Reasons Your Company Needs an Active Blog On Its Website.

Business blogging has been around a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost its power as a marketing and sales tool.

For one thing, a regularly updated blog lets potential customers who come to your website know you’re a vibrant, functioning company. And business blogging can boost your bottom line.

And yet, too many businesses don’t bother maintaining a blog. Or, worse, they start publishing to a blog and then give up, leaving months-old posts out there like tumbleweeds blowing through their website’s dusty, dying streets.

There are many reasons why companies need to have an active blog on their website. In this article, we highlight three.

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You get to tell your story.

Your company’s blog allows you to tell your business’s story in your own words.

You can’t control social media algorithms, what the media says about your company, or the reviews customers leave about your products or services. But you can control what you publish on your blog.

Indeed, your blog is one of the only places where you get to control 100 percent of the message. So, why not take advantage of this platform?

Your company becomes human.

When done well, your company’s blog can humanize your business.

You can give people behind-the-scenes looks at your company. You can explain how you make your products and the dedication that goes into the services you provide. And you can showcase the people who make up your business.

Publish blog posts that are conversational and natural while keeping with your brand’s voice, and you can endear others to your company.

People who feel good about a business are 52 percent more valuable than those who don’t. Plus, 71 percent of customers with an emotional connection to a brand will refer that company to others.

Use your blog as a bridge between your business and your customers and reap the rewards.

Business blogging generates leads.

If your blog makes people feel good about your company, why not leverage those emotions?

Use your blog to generate leads.

Write about your products and services, giving readers information they need so they’ll pick your company when they’re ready for what you offer. Make it easy for a blog reader to become a customer by linking to your sales pages or embedding contact forms in your blog posts.

You can also give readers a way to subscribe to your blog posts by email. Maybe they’re not ready to buy now, but by joining your company’s email list, you’ll be front and center when they are.

Business blogging top benefits

Blogs can feel outdated. After all, they’ve been around since before Amazon was a company or most of us knew the word “algorithm.”

But blogs are critically important to businesses as much today as ever. That’s because blogs:

  • Let companies tell their story in their words.
  • Endear businesses to people.
  • Turn people into customers.

Yes, having an active blog takes some work, but the benefits are huge. So put a little effort into your company’s blog and reap the rewards.

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